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what price do you place on a photograph at this moment in time, not much?  Do you have a photograph off a love one that has pass on, what price would you place on that photograph, priceless I guess. So photographs are important, they allow you to look into the  past, as you look at the photograph your brain triggers and the past is there in your memory and you realise it's impossible to get back. this is were I come into your life for what ever photography requirements you need I will do my upmost to do what you ask.    

I started my Photography career as a Retinal photographer for the NHS Wales uk in September 2000.

 In 2006 I've started shooting Weddings and Portraits and now photographing headshots.

Photographing people became a passion of mine, by using my knowledge of photography and being able to create good atmosphere where laughter and fun is generated so that my clients are relaxed so we may shoot beautiful photographs together.

As an accomplished Wedding and Portrait photographer I understand what is needed to capture the best moments, so I can give you beautiful photographs you can cherish for years to come. This is due to learning and developing skills with lots of hours of practicing that I have been doing to be a good photographer.

my career as a photographer has been great fun I am blessed doing what I enjoy.

I am just waiting for your call.