Paul Thomas, Rhondda and Cardiff Wedding and Portrait Photography | My workflow

Tara's wedding dressTara's wedding dress Bride getting ready

Makeup and hair

While  brides has makeup will shoot details of:

Flowers, shoes, Brides dress, brides maids dresses, , jewellery?

Stages of bride dressing?

Room shots.

Bride and father and mum, brides maids etc.


( may be fitted in if at same venue).

Groom, best man (men) ushers getting ready

Before bride arrives at service ?


Groom with best man, with ushers, mum and dad, mum, dad, siblings      

Before Service

Bridal party with car(s)

Bridal party, bride and dad, bride and brides maids etc.


Bride and dad? Before entering service, walking down Ile, vows, ring shots, first kiss, signing of the register.     

Group shots (only the ones you need)

Min of 10 groups more if time allows

Shots of the reception room and cake before any body goes in room.?

The Bride and Groom? Depends on time


Take photos of main speakers.

Photos of guests.

The bride and Groom? Depends on time

Cutting of the cake/ mock cutting before food

First dance

Bride and Groom.

Bride and Father.

Other shots ? (family shots)

Timing is very important  photographs can be missed

Tara 02Tara 02 My workflow

Client side of workflow

Phone or email from client.

Send client email with wedding documentation.

Make arrangements for consultation.

Visit client for photographic consultation.

Arrange pre-shoot.

Have pre-shoot.

Show client pre-shoot photographs online.

Visit client (prep for final shoot).

Shoot the day.

Show photographs of the day online.

Depending on clients needs photographs can be:-

Downloaded or presented on a USB stick.

{Visit to client to prepare a Album.

Send final Album to be printed.}

Shooting and  process

All Shoots in high Res photos.

Sorting through all images.

Processing all used photographs.

Up loading to web site.

Sending an invite to you to proof images.

Place onto USB stick with all high res images.

Place images for download from website.

Prepare images for photo Album.

Send invite to client to finalize album.

Extras what comes with my photography

Pre wedding Photoshoot.

print for display on wedding day for guests to sign.

Retouching of picked images.

USB stick with all high res images.?

Able to download from website.